Shadowrun RPG: Corporate Book

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Chaos is horrible for business - unless your business is shadowrunning! The Big Ten megacorporations of the Sixth World are reeling- with scandals- disasters- and crippling attacks coming at them from all angles. NeoNET is scrambling to maintain AAA status- Ares is trying not to let the secret rot at the heart of the corp become public- while Aztechnology- fresh from taking on a dragon in Amazonia- is looking at a facedown with another great dragon. And that`s not all - every corp is a pile of schemes- turmoil- upheaval- and teetering chaos because that`s how they operate. Market Panic runs down the state of the Big Ten for Shadowrun- providing the background- story developments- and plot hooks players and gamemasters need to add excitement- intrigue- and Sixth World flavor to their adventures and campaigns.