Shadows of Brimstone: Trederra Deluxe OtherWorld Expansion

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On the war-torn industrial-age battlefields of Trederra legions of alien soldiers patrol the ruins of their once great cities searching for anyone foolhardy enough to intrude into their territory. Waging war on each other for generations the battle-scarred Nations of Trederra use Dark Stone to fuel their engines of death polluting their planet with radiation and drifting clouds of toxic gas. But there are also treasures to be found amidst the devastation weapons and technology advanced beyond reckoning by brutal centuries of warfare. The Trederra Deluxe Expansion for Shadows of Brimstone introduces a brand-new OtherWorld for the Heroes to explore! This includes a full set of 18 new Map Tiles depicting the war-torn planet of Trederra with dangerous new Radioactive Spaces and Cover Terrain as well as a set of unique Enemies Encounters Artifacts Map Cards and OtherWorld Threat cards plus Global Rules that make adventuring there more distinct.