The Walking Dead (TV): No Sanctuary - Survivor Edition (comes with cardboard standees)

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Survive Together or Die Together! How will you cope with the stress of leadership when the Walkers find your ragtag group of survivors? Welcome to the unforgiving world of The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary a miniatures game of survival and teamwork set in the universe of the hit AMC television series In this fully-cooperative board game one player takes on the reins of the group`s Leader while the other `survivors` test his authority and leadership capacity by supporting their decisions - or not. Group Tension and Morale is critical and if trust falters a new leader will arise. And teamwork is pivotal because if one member of your party is lost to the undead masses everyone loses! With stunningly detailed miniatures get ready to play as your favorite characters including Rick Grimes Glenn Rhee Andrea Harrison Merle Dixon Shane Walsh Theodore `T-Dog` Douglas and Daryl Dixon.