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Targi is a two player game in which players assume the role of leaders of two Tuareg tribes who want their tribe to gain as much prestige and wealth as possible.

The goal: make it to the end of the game while handling your tribes and your trades to gain the most victory points.

The game is played on a grid of 25 cards, which symbolize the goods of the tribes. There is a fixed number of cards of 16 before you reach the edge of the desert. The 9 central cards are never in the same place from one game to another. The result: always a new game situation.


  • 80 cards
  • 6 Targi figures
  • 1 Robber figure
  • 4 Tribe markers
  • 30 Goods tokens
  • 8 gold tokens
  • 15 VP tokens
  • 1 First player amulet
  • 1 rulebook