Wooden Cube Tokens 10mm (100 Tokens)

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These are perfectly square, 100% wooden cubes. 100 of them to a pack! A great little gift for any board game fanatic! Natural Wood Colored.

These are natural wood colored. They have been sanded and a varnish applied so they are nice and smooth and finished but still have the natural grain color! Do you run out of bits or tokens when playing games? Do you ever just want to fiddle around with some random pieces while you are wating for someone in your game group to GO ALREADY? Well we have the solution for you! Get 100 of these 10 MM, perfectly square cubes! They are priced to sell and this product is really fun! Let your kids stack with them while you play games, paint them for your own purposes, do what you want actually, just get a set! Very lightwieght so your shipping is cheap! Tokens Only