30 Carats

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The players embody an adventurer in search of the most beautiful gemstones. Its purpose? Get rich. To do this, he must have the most expensive stones endgame. But beware of fakers! Because they are not all true ...

At the beginning of the game, all players have precious stones of different colors in equal amounts. Each player knows the value of a single color of stone. "As a player knows the value of blue stones and continues to want to sell? This is probably the blue stones are not worth much! "

30 Carats is a game of observation, deduction and speculation where bluffing is allowed ... This game is a gem! Awards at numerous international competitions, the first game of Fabien Chevillon beautifully illustrated by Tony Rochon, is particularly praised for its simple and subtle rules that make it a family game flawless. Here's what Tom Werneck, founder of the world's largest prize board game (Spiel des Jahres), said: "The main idea behind this fast and exciting game is surprisingly simple. A new and refreshing approach to the auction, requiring a good dose of bluff and deduction. "


  • 6 screens / 210 gems / 35 gold nuggets / 18 Card Transaction / 13 cards Secret Value / 3 Day cards / 1 cloth bag