7 Wonders Bundle: 7 Wonders Plus Leaders / Cities Expansion

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Bundle Includes:

  • 7 Wonders (Standalone)
  • 7 Wonders: Leaders (Expansion)
  • 7 Wonders: Cities (Expansion)

7 Wonders

Create the greatest civilization the Ancient World has ever known!

In 7 Wonders, you lead an ancient civilization as it rises from its barbaric roots to become a world power. Lead your troops to a military victory or create a nation of artisans and philosophers. Establish a powerful merchant state or master the mysteries of science and technology. Build an architectural wonder that will fascinate for eons to come, and rule the most powerful civilization on Earth!

Every turn, you will have a chance to choose one card to further your goals for ascendancy. Will you gather resources and bide your time, or strike fast and grab what you can? Decide wisely, because when you finish, you’ll pass the rest of your cards to the next player, who may profit from your indecision. As the ages advance, you’ll choose from progressively more magnificent developments, so prepare your civilization for tomorrow or be left choking on the dust of your failing nation.

With beautiful art, fourteen different wonders and a dizzying array of strategic options, 7 Wonders is a simple and addictive game the whole family can enjoy. In just half an hour you can raise your civilization to the mightiest heights, and build the greatest wonders of the world!

Contents: 7 wonder boards; 7 wonder cards; 49 Age I ''Foundation'' cards; 49 Age II ''Growth'' cards; 49 Age III ''Apogee'' cards; 42 Flag tokens; 20 Gold coins; 40 Silver coins; 1 score pads; 1 rulebook


  • Strong replay value with 14 different wonders and infinite strategies.
  • Beautiful graphics!




7 Wonders: Leaders

In 7 Wonders, players get hands of cards, pick those that will help them build their City and pass the rest to their neighbor. Their goal: build commercial ties, strengthen their military might and build their Wonders.

Leaders introduces in the game notable personalities, who offer various advantages. At the beginning of the game, players create a Leader hand from which they will be able to play a leader at the beginning of every Age, or use him to get money or help build your Wonder.

The recruited Leaders will allow you to build certain structures at a cheaper cost, even maybe for free, or will be worth victory points, or... Well, with Leaders, the Wonders never cease!

Contents: 1 Wonder board; 36 Leader cards; 1 Wonder card; 3 Guild cards; 12 coins of value 6; 1 Courtesan marker; 1 score booklet and 1 rule book.


  • A game for the whole family as well as for hardcore gamers
  • An expansion that offers new tactical depth
  • Games remain as fast but become a lot more tense!




7 Wonders: Cities

7 Wonders – Cities is the new extension of the award-winning 7 Wonders game.

Far from the pomp of palaces and gardens, in the darkest alleys, gold changing hands, exchanging information, alliances are formed and secrets are betrayed.

This extension provides a new family of cards that complements Ages already existing in 7 Wonders. Now, mercenaries, thieves, spies and diplomats will give a new scale to your cities. Reap the benefits by sowing discord among your opponents, play them off each other and push them into debt.

Contents: 2 Wonder cards; 36 cards, tokens; coins with a value of 1 and 3; rule book


  • Ability to play with up to 8 players!
  • Introducing new “team” play.
  • New cards, new playing tactics.