A Few Acres of Snow

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In the 2nd Edition of A Few Acres of Snow, players represent either the French or British in this struggle for domination of North America. Players have multitudes of possible actions from expanding his empire, build financial assets in order to have the ability to play other cards or for stealing from the British. Additionally, there are several card management actions that add to the overall game play.

A Few Acres of Snow has an added component where a game can end suddenly if a player captures a particular location, for example, if the British capture Quebec or the French capture New York or Boston. The game can also end if a player captures a certain number cubes and discs from his opponent.


  • Deck building and territory control mechanics
  • Innovative war game
  • Allows for many different strategies of game play
  • 2011 Golden Geek (BoardGameGeek) – Best Wargame


  • Playing board; rules book; 12 British town disks; 9 French town disks; 12 fortification disks; 18 British and French village cubes; 2 Siege markers; 1 British and French siege marker; Money; 2 player aid cards; 109 cards.