Android: Mainframe

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Run fast. Score big. Android: Mainframe is a fast-paced game of futuristic crime and cyberdomination for two to four players. You are a runner- an elite cybercriminal capable of hacking through corporate servers with ease. When you receive an alert that the security protocols at Titan Transnational Bank have been deactivated- you know its time to go to work. However- you quickly realize youre not the only runner to have received the alert- and youre not the only runner looking to extract cash and data from Titans servers… Its one thing to slice and weave through corporate security. Its another thing entirely to outhack rival runners. Can you do it? In Android: Mainframe- you and your friends compete for control of Titans various nodes. Establish your access points- reroute data pathways- and secure as many of Titans nodes as you can. In the end- the runner with the biggest haul wins!