Android Netrunner: Blood Money

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Even when theres no financial certainty theres always financial opportunity. And at a time of frayed relations between rival corps much of that opportunity comes in the form of Blood Money the second Data Pack in the Flashpoint Cycle for Android: Netrunner. With its sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different cards) Blood Money continues to explore New Angeles in the wake of the Twenty-Three Seconds incident the ensuing financial collapse chaos and violence. Youll find a host of cards that focus on using wealth to build wealth. Youll find Corporate Trace cards that you can play even if the Runner didnt just make a run. And youll find plenty of people looking to take advantage of the chaos in New Angeles from Prisec operatives and bounty hunters to news reporters and rumor mongers. Finally the environment of Blood Money is particularly good for fans of the Weyland and Criminal factions both of whom receive new identity cards.