Anima RPG: Those Who Walked Amongst Us Volume 1

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Those Who Walked Amongst Us is the definitive book of creatures and monsters from the world of Gaïa. Within its pages you will find the stories and statistics for beings that tread between gods and men, between the Maidens of Light and the Lords of Darkness.

Enrich your campaign with High Elder Elementals, C’iel and Gaira dragons, Oni, Succubi, and Demon Queens and Princes. Discover the terrors of the Machine and the origin of Omega, the ultimate being, prophesied to bring about the end of time. Anything is possible when you utilize any of nearly a hundred of the most spectacular creatures and entities, all described in glorious detail and depicted in full-color illustrations that bring them to life.

Find additional rules and information on creature creation, three new playable races, mass combat, dramatic combat, the secret histories of Gaïa’s creatures, and more.