Atlantis - The Second Age RPG: Core Rules Hardcover

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Face the horrors of the dark isle of Anostos, brave the fighting-pits of Atlantis, and battle Makara on the high seas! Uncover ancient conspiracies, cleave demented cultists, and conquer lands unseen by civilized man for a thousand years! Play as a twisted Netherman cannibal, a haughty Atlantean sorcerer, a bestial Anadaman thief, or a mercurial Jinn warrior. Rebuild the might of shattered Atlantis, or wipe clean the past and create your own empire from the dust and blood of the lost age. Will you be kingmaker, tyrant, thief, scholar, or slayer? Based on the classic Atlantean Trilogy by Bard Games, the Atlantis - The Second Age RPG encourages players to explore a strange, wondrous, and sometimes horrific antediluvian age where heroes survive by their wits, courage, and strong sword arms!