Baltimore and Ohio

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With a bright Peep from the whistle, a full Chuff from the pistons, and a powerful Clank from the drivers, America's first steam locomotive moves down the steel rails of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in Baltimore in 1830.

This strategic railroad game extends from the first of America's railroads through the golden age of steam, where pioneering rail barons knit together the fledgling United States with iron roads, realizing the full power of the nation's mighty heartland.

Another train game from the strong Winsome Games studio. Every Essen Spiele, Winsome releases a new set of limited edition games that are sold out upon release. We are delighted to bring you last year's release, Baltimore & Ohio. This game has an excellent engine (so to speak) and takes the railroad game category in a nice new direction with a strong emphasis on the economic side of the genre.


  • Gameplay:
  • 3-6 players
  • Ages 13+
  • 120-180 minutes
  • Game Components:
  • 17” x 33” gameboard
  • 10 company charter boards
  • 100 shares (10 each per company)
  • 150 wood cubes (10 colors)
  • 30 different capital equipment cards
  • Money (340 bills - 6 denominations)
  • 17 Game markers
  • Rulebook (8 pages)