Baseball Hall of Fame 2014 Game Edition

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One of the most exciting and comprehensive Strat-O card sets ever, the Hall of Fame 2014 Game includes every Hall of Fame member ever inducted as a player. Printed in black and white on the standard Strat-O-Matic card stock/size, these cards will fit perfectly into your existing collection. Rated for basic, advanced and super-advanced play, these cards are a must-have addition to any Strat-O fan’s collection. Create your dream matchups between players from different teams, leagues and eras, only with the Strat-O-Matic Hall of Fame 2014 set.

This set is officially licensed by the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum®.

The set includes 246 cards, featuring statistics based on an average of each player’s best seven seasons. For Negro League players, the statistics are based on more than 3,000 box scores of Negro League games, as well as hundreds of hours of analysis and in-depth research.

Note: The Baseball HOF 2014 Game is not the same product as the previously sold Baseball HOF 75th Anniversary Edition Game. This product does not include any bonus players or a certificate of authenticity, and the set is printed on our regular card stock.