Basic Roleplaying: Mythic Iceland

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Mythic Iceland offers Basic Roleplaying players the experience of living and adventuring in the Iceland described in the Sagas and in Icelandic fairy-tales. In Mythic Iceland all the creatures of myth and all the magical aspects of life really do exist, and they play a major role in people’s lives. The elves, or hidden folk, exist hidden from the eyes of the common folk, and sometimes meddle in their affairs. Those travelling through the highlands risk being attacked by trolls, and often curses and spells are laid on neighbors and enemies.

MYTHIC ICELAND INCLUDES THESE CHAPTERS: Introduction • History of Mythic Iceland • Character Creation • Life in Saga-Age Iceland • Law and Government • Norse Religion • Magic in Mythic Iceland • A Traveler’s Guide to Mythic Iceland • Elves and the Hidden People • Álfheimur • The Lands to the West • The Wide World • Going Viking • Running a Game of Mythic Iceland • Creatures of Mythic Iceland • The Trouble with Neighbors • Cthulhu Dark Ages Iceland • Cthulhu Dark Ages Scenario • Bibliography • Fold-Out Map.