Battleground Fantasy Warfare: Elves of Ravenwood Starter

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The Elves of Ravenwood are a faction of wood elves, imbued with the magic of forest spirits. Ravenwood’s elves are highly skilled but generally unarmored, making them hard to hit but vulnerable to damage. As a commander of Ravenwood, you have a large number of allied forces ready to join your army, ranging from tiny Brownies to mighty Treants and Centaur cavalry.

Some elves have bonded closely with the bears and wolves of Ravenwood and have taken on part of their animal’s nature over generations. Their familiar animals are also ready to do battle at your side, although your ability to control them will be greatly limited unless your army also contains a unit of the appropriate ‘Kin’.

The Ravenwood army ability uses Spirit Guidance to make their weapons strike true. Spend one Command Action to mark the Spirit Guidance icon on a unit’s stat bar; you may then erase that mark at any time to turn a single attack die into a 2.

Starter Deck:

Basic Rulebook
Command Cards (30)
Reference Cards (2)
Elf Swordsmen (3)
Elf Spearmen (2)
Treefolk (1)
Elf Bowmen (3)
Wolfkin (2)
Wolf Pack (1)
Stag Cavalry (1)
Bearkin (2)
Bear pack (1)
Brownies (2)