Battleground: Fantasy Warfare - High Elves Reinforcements

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Centuries of training have produced a lethal High Elf army ready to take the field. Gleaming chariots, deadly scorpion bolt-throwers, powerful battlemages, and masterful warriors with magic swords are ready for your orders.

The High Elves are a finesse army. Your most important faction abilities are Maneuver Mastery, which lets you ignore movement penalties when directly controlling your units, and its companion Sprint which boosts their speed for a turn. Together, these abilities will let your Elves defeat larger but less agile foes.

Reinforcement Deck

  • Advanced Rulebook
  • Celestial Guard (3)
  • Cygnets (4)
  • Elder-Blade Battle Squad (3)
  • Elder-Blade Rangers (2)
  • Elder-Blade Swordsmen (3)
  • High Elf Archers (3)
  • High Elf Battlemages (3)
  • High Elf Battle Squad (4)
  • High Elf Bowriders (4)
  • High Elf Chariots (5)
  • High Elf Knights (2)
  • High Elf Rangers (3)
  • High Elf Scorpions (2)
  • High Elf Spearmen (5)
  • High Elf Swordsmen (4)