Battleground: Fantasy Warfare - Umenzi Tribesmen Reinforcements

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Magic spells and giant war elephants are yours to command with the Umenzi Tribesmen. The Umenzi people are devout followers of an ancient religion, inspiring their warriors with bravery and empowering their shamans and high priests with powerful spells.

The Umenzi culture, army and magic are all built around their religious faith. As the leader of the Umenzi you can empower your units with Faith Armor at the cost of one command action per unit. The next time a unit with Faith Armor takes damage the Faith Armor is removed and the first point of damage is prevented. With careful use of your army ability and the healing power of your priests you can maintain your line even against the fiercest foes.

Reinforcement Deck

  • Advanced Rule Book
  • Berserkers (6)
  • Chosen (2)
  • Giant War Elephant (3)
  • High Priests (3)
  • Initiates (4)
  • Shamans (4)
  • The Possessed (6)
  • Umenzi Atlatlmen (5)
  • Umenzi Javelineers (4)
  • Umenzi Spearmen (3)
  • Umenzi Warriors (4)
  • Worthy (3)