Battles of 1866: The Frontier Battles

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In the summer of 1866, Prussian armies invaded the Austrian Empire to carry out Chancellor Otto von Bismarck's policy of "Blood and Iron." The scattered corps of Austria's North Army met them as they exited the mountain passes, and in a series of hard-fought battles the Prussians drove the Austrians back using superior organization and the firepower of the "needle gun."

Battles of 1866: The Frontier Battles is the first of three games based on the clashes that completely changed the face of Europe. The game system is the same as that in our War of the States games, with a few modifications for the European way of war. Units represent infantry brigades, cavalry regiments and artillery batteries. The game pieces come in two sizes. “Long” pieces are 1 and 1/3 inches long and 2/3 inches wide, a very large piece. These represent infantry brigades. Other pieces are squares 2/3-inch across each side. These represent cavalry regiments and artillery batteries. Prussian, Austrian and Saxon units are all present. Units are rated for combat strength and morale, losing both as they take losses in combat.