Blood Bowl Team Manager Card Game: Sudden Death Expansion

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The Horned Rat Expansion for Chaos in the Old World introduces a fifth player to the race toward corruption! With beautifully sculpted figures, all-new powers, and an array of exciting upgrades, the fearsome Skaven stand ready to scurry across the face of the Old World. Players of the existing Ruinous Powers can meet the foul vermin head on with a host of new gameplay options, including alternate upgrade and Chaos cards. Meanwhile, veterans will find engaging challenges with new expert-level Old World cards and gameplay variants!

The Horned Rat Expansion includes:

  • 15 Plastic playing pieces
  • Over 150 new Chaos, Upgrade, and Old World Cards
  • 5 Ruinous Power Reference Cards
  • 1 Horned Rat Threat Dial and Power Sheet
  • 14 Cardboard Tokens
  • 1 detailed Rules Sheet