C3K: Creatures Crossover Cyclades / Kemet

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Send the mighty Kraken down the River Nile to bolster your armies, or bring the mighty phoenix to battle to resurrect your fallen warriors. The creatures of Egypt will invade Cyclades, and the mighty mythological monsters of Greece will descend on the land of Kemet.

This expansion will allow players to use the miniatures from their copy of Cyclades in their games of Kemet, providing new powers that can be added to their armies. Players can also use the Egyptian creatures out of their copy of Kemet in their games of Cyclades, providing new powers and abilities.


• Take advantage of the figures in your favorite games to use them in different games.
• Officially created crossover gives you a good reason to own both games.
• Same great art you find in Cyclades and Kemet.
• Get more play out of two great games.