Campaign Cartographer: Character Artist 3

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Has your game got character?

Dull character sheets with lifeless sketches, miniatures that don't match or encounters without counters?

Whether you are a Game Master who needs custom miniatures, or a general in need of an army, you can bring new art to your games with the Character Artist 3 add on for Campaign Cartographer 3.

Whether you want a full-length portrait for your character sheet or unlimited stand-up counters for your RPG, the Character Artist 3 add-on for CC3 is the tool for you.

Character Artist 3 lets you create attractive, high-quality portraits of characters for your games. Building characters is simple. Select from the basic races such as human, elf and dwarf, or choose horrific humanoid monsters. Just click on icons to choose the race and sex, then select body parts and clothes to build your portrait. One mouse click to choose, then another to place, and you've added the feature.

Character Artist 3 gives you superb control of the color style and dimensions of your creations. Want a slim wood elf? No problem. A bird-headed warrior? Add weapons, armour and containers, and your character is kitted out for adventure.
When you've made your character, you can place a high-quality image onto your character sheet. You can add your portraits to counters, create silhouettes or make stand-up card figures. Character Artist 3 makes it easy to add useful information like armour type or hit points.

Character Artist 3 also includes many pre-generated characters, and some beautifully drawn monsters, treasure and magical effects artwork. Combine these with your portraits to enhance any fantasy art.

Over 9,000 beautiful symbols.