Captains Log #32

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Special Federation Commander issue (but still including all of the regular features). Federation Commander material includes tactics, extended example of play, input guide, Q&A, five new ships, Plasma torpedo rules, Borders of Madness, and a new scenario.

Regular features include: Fiction (Circle of Vengeance and The Last Command), Tholian Military ranks, tournament reports, After Action, Command the Future, Starline 2400, Proposals board, Galaxy of Song, Ask Admiral Growler, Why?, Awards, Rangers, five new SFB scenarios, Battle Group 800, Update for Kosnett's War, Cosmic Cloud rules, Brothers of the Anarchist, Victory at Origins, Drex Primer, Term Papers, Starfleet Command, PBEM, Prime Directive, SFBOL, Galactic Conquest, Scouts for Star Fleet Battle Force. F&E material includes ISC update, Q&A, Rulings, Tactical notes, and Operational Bases from Strategic Operations. New Ships include Klingons with boom collars, unbuilt Fed CL variants, six new Vudar ships, and four Anarchist ships.

The SSDs from this issue are available separately; see the link under Captain's Log.