Captains Log #33

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An exciting addition to the product line begins with the return of the Juggernaut! Features include: exciting new fiction about the Juggernaut (and the unknown first encounter with Juggernaut Alpha), Class history of Tholian Destroyers, deck plans of Tholian PC/DD class, tournament reports, after action, command the future, new Starline 2400 ships, ADB style sheet for writers, Growler, Why, Galaxy of Song, Fed Commander tactics-scenarios-ships-rules, six new SFB scenarios, Battle Group Convoy, Sun Snake, PF campaign update, Tholian Anarcists, Tactics for the new Magellanics, Fog of War Battle Report, Starfleet Command, Prime Directive Tholians, PBEM, SFBOL, Warlord, Galactic Conquest, F&E new rules, new F&E scenario, new F&E tactics, many new ships for SFB.