Captains Log #36

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  • Fiction: Seltorian and Tholian carrier groups square off in an asteroid zone
  • History: Hydran dreadnought, heavy superiority fighters, Omega Lost Futures
  • New ships: Fed CLX, Klingon D6L and C10V; Romulan Viperhawk, SkyHawk-FCR, K4-FCR, KRU; Kzinti DD-Scout; Gorn BDD-FCR; Tholian CWL; Hydran PIG and D7HX; Lyran JGX; WYN CWL
  • Customer Support: Ten questions, Starline, Galaxy of Song, Worst Careers
  • SFB: Five new scenarios, new ships (above), Growler, Campaign Update, Igneous,
  • Tactics: Fog of War report, Victory at Origins, Term papers
  • Federation Commander: Three scenarios, tournament rules, Battleship tactics, 7 War Cruiser Leaders
  • Federation & Empire: Tactical Notes, Q&A, Eagle Spreads its Wings scenario; revised rule 530 heavy fighters
  • Venues: Star Fleet Command, Warlord, Battleships for SFBF, Prime Directive, PBEM, SFBOL