Captains Log #37

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  • Fiction: Magnificent Panzers, Hit & Run, History of the WYN Navy
  • SFB: 11 new ships (WYN conversions, heavy Lyrans, Klingon SD7), six scenarios, Death Probe, Anarchist (Fed Vs Gorn), Growler, Omega Gunboats, Tactics, Term papers.
  • FC: 5 new scenarios, 7 new ships (Gendarme, SD7, Lyran heavies, B9, carriers), Carriers & Fighters (Borders of Madness), Tactics.
  • F&E: New scenario, Enhanced Small scale Combat, tactics, Q&A, Rulings.
  • Commo: Tournament reports, ten questions, input guide, Awards, Proposals, Starline
  • Venues: Battle Force, Star Fleet Command, Galactic Conquest, SFBOL.