Captains Log #38

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The Vortex Opens!
A path to another galaxy, or another time? Who knows! As the Lyran cruiser Doomward moves in to investigate, will they even be able to tell what galaxy they are in?

Another great issue! Fiction, class history of Lyran heavy cruisers, Myths of the Organians, Developmental history of heavy plasma superiority fighters.

Tournament reports. After Action. Command the Future. Input Guide. Starline 2400. To ask the question WHY? Awards.

  • Federation Commander plasma tactics, six new ships, three new scenarios, how to make your own fleet scale ship cards, Klingon firing arcs, Command Notes.
  • Six new SFB Scenarios.
  • Background questions. Arastoz. Prime Teams. Growler. Brothers of the Anarchist. Romulan Early Bases. X-ships Update. Using labs in combat.
  • Tactics: Stop the Juggernaut. Iridani primer. Term Papers.
  • Starfleet Command. Warlord. Galactic Conquest. Prime Directive: Arcturia. SFBOL. SFB-PBEM. Commando ships for Star Fleet Battle Force.
  • F&E: A new hand on the helm. Minesweepers. Base conversion costs. Rules & Rulings. Compot Shock. Tactical Notes. Altered Alliances. New SIT.
  • New ships: Fed DVA, BCP, OCA. Hydran Templar. Armed Recovery Transport. Early Romulan Bases, fighters, and bombers. Early and sublight Skiffs.