Captains Log #47

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Released in June 2013, this issue is packed with new information for all of our game systems.

  • SFB: 12 new ships, five new scenarios, Q&A, proposals board, Paul Scott's Platinum Hat 2012 article, term papers, 19 battle forces (including one by Steve Cole!).
  • FC: Four new Federation plasma-armed warships, seven battle groups, three new scenarios, command notes, drone tactics, fleet doctrine rules.
  • F&E: Vudar rules, tactical notes, Q&A, new ships.
  • ACTASF: Four new warships, four versions of the Constitution-class heavy cruiser through history, tactical notes, an introduction to the game.
  • Others: Marines in the Lesser Magellanic Cloud, SFBF cards, ISC in Starmada, Mad Jack's Hole in Prime Directive.
  • And more: Fiction (a rare look at a police action that needed to both protect a Federation transport and prevent it from defecting to the Romulans), input guide, SFBOL, PBEM, After Action, Schedule, Awards, Miniatures, Why, 10 Questions, Star Sheep, and even more.
  • 144 pages.