Cardfight Vangaurd TCG: Star-Vader Invasion Trial Deck

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Embrace the void with Toshiki Kai's [Star-vader Invasion] Trial Deck! A sinister new ability, [Lock], makes its devastating entrance with the invaders of <>! This pre-constructed Trial Deck can be used out of the box and comes with exclusive trial-deck-only cards for both ardent collectors and new players to enjoy!

50 cards in this set:

  • 1pc TD11/001EN Star-vader, Infinite Zero Dragon
  • 4pc TD11/0002EN Star-vader, Francium
  • 2pc TD11/003EN Twilight Baron
  • 4pc TD11/004EN Strike Star-vader, Krypton
  • 1pc TD11/005EN Star-vader, Mobius Breath Dragon
  • 1pc TD11/006EN Unrivaled Star-vader, Radon
  • 4pc TD11/007EN Star-vader, Pulsar Bear
  • 2pc TD11/008EN Deep Shadow Star-vader, Strontium
  • 4pc TD11/009EN Hollow Twin Blades, Binary Star
  • 4pc TD11/010EN Homing Star-vader, Fermium
  • 4pc TD11/011EN Mana Shot Star-vader, Neon
  • 2pc TD11/012EN Star-vader, Aurora Eagle
  • 1pc TD11/013EN Nova Star-vader, Actinium
  • 4pc TD11/014EN Star-vader, Meteor Liger
  • 4pc TD11/015EN Star-vader, Nebula Captor
  • 4pc TD11/016EN Keyboard Star-vader, Bismuth
  • 4pc TD11/017EN Star-vader, Stellar Garage