Castle: The Detective Card Game

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There's been a murder, and the stars of ABC's Castle are on the case! In this easy-to-play murder mystery card game, 2–5 players will play as their favorite characters from the show as they collect and use investigation cards to narrow down the suspects until they discover who's guilty!

Castle: The Detective Card Game offers two ways to play. You can play a single game, which simulates a single episode from the show, or you can play a whole season. If you play a single episode, whoever finds the killer wins the game. If you play a season match, you play multiple games until one of the players has won three games. Do you have what it takes to make a great detective?

Game Box Contains:

  • 6 Oversized Character Cards
  • 18 Suspect Cards
  • 90 Investigation Cards
  • 12 Guilt Tokens
  • 12 Scoring Chips