Castles and Crusades RPG: Players Handbook - 6th Edition Hardcover

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Celebrating a Decade of Castles & Crusades! In all things lie moments of wonder and despair, echoes of past voices, of glories forgotten, of powers beyond mortal keen. They shine like a beacon, drawing those who choose to see, luring them upon paths of wild abandon and ruin. These are the wonders the bold and the brave seek to unravel. These are the despairs they seek to conquer. These are the paths of adventure, of epic glory. These are the tales of making! Heroes! Freebooters! Mercenaries! Adventurers! The Player's Handbook for the 6th Edition of the Castles & Crusades fantasy roleplaying game allows you to take up sword and shield, staff or bow, and arm yourself as you wander upon planes of your own imagining and plunder the wealth of adventure. Powered by the Siege Engine, the Player's Handbook features all the rules, spells, equipment, fast-paced combat rules, and essential information needed to play a game of Castles & Crusades.