Castles and Crusades RPG: Reaping Bones

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The Tar Kiln, a wild region of wooded hills, cut by deep gulches, where giant blocks of gray stone rise from the upland prairie like islands in the sea. But the Tar Kiln is not a kindly place; it is littered with tar pits, constantly oozing the ichors of the world's birth upon the green grasses. And it is home to wild beasts, hunting dragons, bull-headed men, and tigers so large their fangs are like sabers. And in the midst of all this lie the ruins of an ancient god, Nunt, master of dark places. Only the hearty dwell here. Reaping Bones is a fast-paced Castles & Crusades adventure that plunges the characters into the wilds to find a boy whose captors are anything but normal mercenaries.