Castles and Crusades RPG: Rune Lore

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In the crumbled ruins of ancient cities are tombs and crypts where dead kings lie. In towered halls lay a sorcerer's forgotten lore, writ upon tablets of stone and vellum scrolls. In dungeons dark are threads of time, spun from gods and monsters. All these echo the secrets of a time long forgotten whose faint memories are etched in runes of power and glory, curiosities, or riddles best left to the dead who house them. There are those who possess knowledge of these etchings, these runes of power. With booted feet and steel in hand they tread the wilds and plunder ancient holds, unraveling the knot of secret lore and mastering its eldritch might. These are the Rune Marks. For them the runes open the hidden deeps of the world's mysteries and the treasures of gods are made bare. Rune Lore presents a new class (Rune Mark), over 40 magical runes, and everything needed to integrate runic magic into your Castles & Crusades campaign. Additionally, Rune Lore introduces over a dozen short adventures, a host of new magic items, new monsters, and a campaign setting, the Gottland, to house it all.