Celebrity Throw Down

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Celebrity Throw Down! is the game where trendy stars, pop culture icons and historical legends face off in the ultimate game of elimination. All players select what they think are the best celebrities for an ordinary or outlandish, “ripped from the tabloid headlines” situation. If your celebrity is the one to survive the multiple elimination rounds and is the last one standing, you win! For example, one player draws a situation card that reads “Who is the best celebrity to … play Truth or Dare?” Each player chooses and submits a Celebrity Card from their hand of four cards. Maybe Jennifer Aniston, Kanye West, Honey Boo Boo and Marilyn Monroe are competing in this round. Players now take turns eliminating the celebrity least suited for the situation until just one remains, and a winner is crowned. With almost 300 celebrities and 162 situations, the possibilities are endlessly entertaining!

Contents: 286 Celebrity Cards, 81 Situation Cards (162 Situations), Instructions