Chang Cheng

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The Emperor has decided to protect the northern provinces from barbarian invasion by constructing an enormous wall. To assist in this great endeavor, he has chosen YOU (and a few of your friends) to oversee the construction. Prove that you are the greatest wall-builder in the empire! But be careful: you will be held responsible for the barbarians that attack the walls that you have built, and your competitors may not refrain from a dirty trick or two if it will give them an edge...

Chang Cheng includes:

  • 4 Double-sided game boards
  • 1 Scoring track
  • 24 Action card tiles
  • 15 Reputation counters
  • 15 Threat counters
  • 64 plastic Wall pieces
  • 1 China card
  • 3 Emperor cards
  • 4 Event cards
  • 4 Scoring pawns
  • Rules in English, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish