Cheap Shot Expansion: Cheaper Shots

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Cheaper Shots adds to your base Cheap Shot game for an even edgier game.

"Your Latest Gigolo / is urine soaked / and / is a spaz on the dance floor."

This is just an example of one of the hundreds of combinations that are possible to zing at your opponents.

"Stick it where the sun don't shine" is an appropriate block, right?

With the base Cheap Shot Game...
Enter the ring with a hand of seven cards and prepare to dish it out and take it with this rummy-style game of insults. On their turn, players use the cards in hand to formulate an insult, "Your Secret Boyfriend / is a drama farmer / and tells only lies." Wham! Pow!

Unless the targeted player can come up with a block card, such as "Oh grow up!", the insult will stand as points. The more cards in the insult, the bigger the points.

So, grab your toenail biting, hideous friends and duke it out with Cheap Shot or just go "Zip your pie hole"!