CHEW: Cases of the FDA

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Welcome to the FDA. As a Food and Drug Administration agent, its your job to investigate food-related crimes. From deep-fried fingers to murdered mascots youll need to enlist help from the likes of Tony Chu, Mason Savoy, Poyo, and more in a fast-paced, high-laughs, take-that card game designed by Kevin Wilson (Arkham Horror, X-Files, Descent). In CHEW: Cases of the FDA, you`ll work to solve a case pulled straight from the pages of the Eisner Award-winning comic series. Whether it`s finding clues, recruiting allies with amazing food-related super powers, or sabotaging your opponents, each round you`ll work to close the book on your particular investigation before your opponents can swoop in and steal your spot as the top-food-cop in town. And the best part? The box is chockfull of CHOGS (Half-chicken, half-frogs, all-adorable)!