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Carefully inspect the table. Examine your Chrominos. Will this piece fit, or should you try another? Can you block off your opponents and force them to draw? Will you be able to empty your hand first, or will you be stuck with a growing pile of Chrominos?

Chromino is the refreshing variant of Dominoes where you match colors instead of numbers. Starting with just one "chameleon" Chromino, you'll have to match two colors if you want to play. If you can't play, you'll have to draw. If you can play your last Chromino, you'll win the game.

With high-quality plastic Chomino tiles in bright colors, Chromino practically begs to be played. Enjoy the game with up to eight players, or try the puzzle variant as a solo game. Advanced and beginner rules let you enjoy Chromino with anyone from casual players to experts. It's Dominoes like you've never seen it before!