Chronicle City RPG: Eternal Contenders

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A RPG of Blood and Steel, Pain and Glory.

We, the Warriors ready for the fight…

Take the role of an ambitious gladiator, a deadly duellist - an eternal contender.

Prove your worth in the arena and fight your way out of the gutter.

Can you become a renowned champion?

Can you escape to a better life?

Or will darkness and pain consume your world?

Eternal Contenders is the highly anticipated evolution of the critically acclaimed Contenders role-playing game.

GM-free play means no preparation time is required to run a session. Instead, Eternal Contenders places every player's character in the spotlight as a capable protagonist.

As the story unfolds these warriors’ dreams will be realised or dashed.

Duels are rich with tactical depth, with six unique combat styles to master. Which path will you tread: savage, zealot, rapscallion, militant, void-walker or friend of the darkness? Robberies, quests and betrayals mean the action never dulls!

Eternal Contenders can be used for any setting, real or fantastical which features ritualised duels or gladiatorial combat. A complete background is provided, allowing you to jump straight into the moribund city of Oblim – a last refuge for the desperate in a country ruled by scoundrels…