Claustrophobia: Board Game

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When humanity wants more, Hell is the next target.

The year is 1634. Always hungry for more than they have, humanity targets Hell. Brave warriors and desperate convicts descend into the caverns below New Jerusalem, carving out a domain in tunnels full of demonic minions. Battle your way through a never-ending stream of feral troglodytes, or play the demon horde and summon your most powerful demons to put a stop to humanity's trespassing once and for all.

Claustrophobia is the head-to-head game of exploration and combat in the very bowels of Hell. Combining the best of European and American game mechanics, and featuring high-quality components and pre-painted figures, the game will have you running and fighting and maneuvering in the dank passages underneath the city of New Jerusalem. Easy-to-learn rules and innovative game mechanics keep the game moving as fast as you can run.


  • 17 finely sculpted pre-painted figurines
  • A modular board (36 tiles), each game will be different
  • Easy to learn and quick set-up game
  • 36 tunnel and room tiles
  • 17 pre-painted figurines
  • 5 reference cards for the Humans
  • 5 Card stands
  • 25 Plastic damage tokens
  • 6 gift cards
  • 6 objects cards
  • 15 advantage cards
  • 1 Board of Destiny
  • 7 reference cards for the Demons
  • 16 events cards
  • 20 Threat Point tokens
  • 10 Wound tokens
  • 14 various tokens
  • 1 10-sided die
  • 1 Rule book