Claustrophobia: De Profondis

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A return to Hell!

1635. Humans and infernal creatures confront each other for many months in the underground tunnels of New Jerusalem. These countless fierce battles eventually leave the warriors on both sides completely battered. Who can save the day?

With De Produndis, the Siccaria, powerful warriors, reinforce the human army, and terrible rabid hounds join the camp of the Underworld. New rooms with new effects and twelve Machiavellian scenarios await you in a hellfish expansion!


  • 4 Finely carved and painted figures, namely 2 copies of 2 new characters
  • 10 new rooms including tiles with new effects
  • 12 diabolical scenarios that will renew your games ad vitam aeternam!
  • 4 painted figures
  • 10 tiles
  • 2 plastic stands
  • 10 damage tokens
  • 1 counter sheet
  • 52 cards
  • 1 rulebook containing 12 scenarios