Clockwork and Chivalry: Divers and Sundry

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A Miscellany of Many and Varied Things

Divers & Sundry is a collection of curios for players and gamesmasters of the Clockwork & Chivalry RPG. Whether you’re a veteran campaigner or new to the weird and wonderful world of 17th century clockwork and alchemical warfare, there’s something in here for you, including:

  • A host of new Professions and Factions
  • Expanded and detailed information on weapons of the era
  • An extensive section describing the soldiers of the English Civil War and their foreign counterparts
  • Scotland as a place for adventure in the Clockwork & Chivalry universe
  • Random NPC, Village and Adventure Seed generators
  • Three complete adventures
  • A selection of pre-generated characters to get your Clockwork & Chivalry games off to a quick start

Featuring collected articles from Signs & Portents, now expanded and fully illustrated, along with a host of new material, this is an invaluable companion to the Clockwork & Chivalry setting, and could also be useful to anyone running a 17th century campaign with the RuneQuest II rules. There’s even a reprint of the Witchcraft rules from the adventure Thou Shalt Not Suffer, for players wanting to play Witches, Warlocks, Cunning Men or Wise Women.