Clockwork and Chivalry: No Mans Land

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In most of England, an uneasy peace still holds, following the horrific events at Naseby. But in the Debatable Lands, on the outskirts of Birmingham, the conflict continues. Cavaliers and Roundheads are bogged down in muddy trenches, fighting over every inch of blasted ground. Clockwork death machines grind across the landscape; magickally-created disease miasmas drift on the breeze and settle in the craters left by the incessant cannon barrages. And in the despoiled wastelands round about, rival gangs on stolen Iron Horses fight over scarce resources, obscure points of theology, and access to the Winding Stations that they need to keep their vehicles running.

Somewhere in this bloody chaos, the renegade Clockwork Alchemist, Lady Arabella Blackwood, is up to no good. Can the Adventurers find her before she achieves her nefarious aims?

No Man's Land can be played as a stand-alone adventure, but also forms the third episode of the epic Kingdom & Commonwealth Campaign for Clockwork & Chivalry. Requires the RuneQuest II Core Rulebook from Mongoose Publishing and the Clockwork & Chivalry Core Worldbook from Cakebread & Walton and Cubicle 7.