Clue Seinfeld

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6 Suspects, 1 Thief, 9 Weapons. . .and Newman is out cold!

At a gathering at Jerry’s apartment, Newman unveils a homemade newsletter containing embarrassing stories about Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer, Puddy and Peterman. He tells everyone that he plans to use his postal route to distribute this newsletter all over New York. Overnight, Newman is attacked and his newsletters are stolen. He calls everyone to Jerry’s apartment and exclaims, “One of you knocked me out and stole my newsletters! If I don’t find out who did it and where my newsletters are, I’ll let the police figure it out.” Now it’s up to the suspects to determine:

  • WHO bonked Newman on the head.
  • WHAT they hit him with, and…
  • WHERE are the missing newsletters?

    Do you have what it takes to start the insanity, track down the Thief and find the newsletters?

    Game comes complete with a Custom game board, 6 Suspect movers, 9 Custom Weapons, Deck of Personality cards, Deck of Rumor cards, Custom score pad, Clue scandal envelope and 2 Dice.