Code 777 - 30th Anniversary Edition

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The classic code-cracking game is back in a 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition! Be the first to "crack your code"! Code 777 is a game of logical deduction, great for parties and families!

Crack your code first! You can see your opponents' codes but not your own. Using questions and logic, try to deduce which three numbers are hidden in front of you. Once you're reasonably sure, then you can take a guess. But if you're wrong, you have to start over with a fresh set of tiles...

A classic game from Robert Abbott and Alex Randolph.

The players each receive a rack, a sheet from the notepad, and a CODE 777™ card. Each player then takes three tiles placing them on their rack facing away so that the player cannot see the numbers. The numbers on the tiles must be fully visible to all the other players. Each player can now see the numbers of all his opponents but not those in his own rack.

The Question cards and the tiles are shuffled and placed face down in the center of the play area. In turn, each player takes the top question card from the stack, reads it out loud and answers the question asked. The question is about the numbers that the player can see and not about the numbers on his own rack. For example, a question may be, "Do you see more blue sevens or more sevens of a different color?"

The answer may be "More blue" or "More of a different color" or "Just as many" (this is the answer if there are the same numbers of sevens or if there are no sevens at all). The player simply counts the tiles indicated by the question and provides the answer to all other players. Each answer gives everyone, except the reader, a bit more information.

If a player thinks that he knows the numbers on his rack, he can guess the solution. One point is awarded for a correct solution. No points are scored for a wrong solution. In both cases the tiles are taken out of the player's rack, and replaced by three new ones. The first player to score three points is the winner.

CODE 777™ includes:
• 28 tiles
• 23 Question cards
• 5 Racks
• 5 CODE 777™ cards
• Notepad
• Rulebook
• All components are in English, Spanish, French, and German