Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear 2nd Edition

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The game that started it all. Winner of The Origins Historical Game of the Year, Winner of the Charles Roberts Wargame of the Year, Winner of Best New Design, and many others is back - better than ever!

  • Includes upgraded maps with full 3D graphics, revealing a level of detail seldom seen before in a wargame.
  • The unparalleled detail of the 1" counters now include the armor piercing FP values for foot units, the same as the counters in Storms of Steel and Price of Honour. New tank and infanty units include Protze PaK36, PaK38, Panzer Jaeger 35R, Somua S35, B-2 Flamethrower Panzer, Sdkfz 232, NKVD squads, OT-26 Flamethrower Tankett, Zis-30 Mobile Artillery and more!
  • The Programmed Teaching Rulebook has been upgraded to the standards of the newest version 2 published with Storms of Steel.
  • The firefight book includes a new historical overview, many of the online published firefights, and a new compaign series.