Conflict of Heroes: Price of Honor

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Price of Honour is an expansion which requires either of the award winning games - Awakening the Bear! or Storms of Steel! In it, players are presented with the same tactical dilemmas and decisions that commanders faced during some of the most ferocious engagements of WWII.

The Price of Honour expansion includes:

  • 2 - 15x19 inch geomorphic mounted map boards that integrate with the maps of all other CoH games.
  • 210 - LARGE 1" square early war counters depicting armored cars, tankettes, pioneers, cavalry, bi-planes, anti-tank guns, early war MGs and many more. Counter sheet #3 includes all updated counters for Awakening the Bear!
  • 2 - player summary sheets, a customized plastic counter storage tray
  • 32 page firefight book with a full historical overview and 16 firefights, 12 of which can be played with Awakening the Bear! and 12 with Storms of Steel!
  • A rule book summarizing the Conflict of Heroes Eastern Theater games and units from 1939-43