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Players all wear a headband and affix a feather without looking at its value. Including your own, what is the total value of all feathers in the game? In turn, each player selects a number which must be higher than that of the previous player. Is the value too high? Shout Coyote!!! The feathers then fall and are counted: if you are correct then the bluffer receives a Tomahawk! Otherwise, you are the unlucky recipient of a Tomahawk in your headband… When you receive three tomahawks, you are eliminated! Special feathers might confuse your predictions: beware! Coyote: an exciting game of bluffing and bidding!

Contents : 6 cloth headbands; 30 feather-cards including figures or signs (5 special feathers, 3 negative value feathers - 5 and - 10, 22 positive value feathers 1 to 10, 15 and 20); 18 tomahawk-cards; set of rules.