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Lead your frog colony and take control of the pond! Send out servants to explore, avoid traps and fearsome pikes, and drive opposing frogs out of the pond. Your queen might even jump off a water lily to find herself
in presence of some handsome male and make baby frogs!
Quick games, frogs oh-so-cute, a modular playing board that ensures ever renewed games, and progressive rules: all these make this new edition of Croak a game rich in unexpected developments!

• A constant success with 150 000+ sales since the first printing.
• Both simple enough for the whole family and tactical enough for seasoned gamers.
• Tiles now show two different backs, so you can choose between the quickest or the safest path.
• New artwork by Claire Wendling and David Cochard (Dungeon Petz)!

- 64 tiles to constitute the pond
- 4 Queen frog miniatures (one per color)
- 24 Servant frog miniatures (six per color)
- 24 Male markers (six per color)
- 1 rulebook