Cthulhu: Knitted Ski Mask

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From the Marsh Sewing Co. in Innsmouth comes the Cthulhu Knitted Ski Mask. No humans were used in the creation of these ski masks - plenty were harmed, but none actually used for the masks themselves. Each mask is personally checked by a full-blooded Deep One to ensure the utmost quality.

With your Cthulhu Knitted Ski Mask, you'll be in impeccable style whereever you go; whether being led to a watery grave by Mother Hydra, or skiing away from the Wendigo in the mountains of Wyoming. With its sleek tentacles and extra-large brow, you are guaranteed to be eaten last by the Shoggoth lurking silently in the basement. It's Lovecraftian green is sure to disguise you while you wait for your victims in algae-covered lakes . Don't forget, it's also required attire for the Church of Starry Wisdom cotillion.

Created by the talented Dianna Jorgensen, the mask is made from synthetic yarn and measures ten inches wide by nineteen inches tall from crown to tentacle tip. One-size-devours-all.